Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band

Professional vs. Part Time

Professional vs. Part Time

Welcome to the first of our weekly blog contributions! We have decided to go over what we feel are the top 10 things to keep in mind when you’re booking a band for your wedding.

We are often approached by worried future brides and grooms that have been experiencing issues when trying to make that final decision on their wedding entertainment. It can feel overwhelming booking a band for your wedding due to the seemingly huge number of options out there, and there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when trying to find the perfect group for your special day.

We’ve taken some of your most common questions and concerns and decided to post our Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band.

Lets start this week with #1:

Professional vs. Part Time Bands

When allocating your budget and deciding how much to spend on a wedding band, you are likely to come across very different prices and packages. You may discover one band charges considerably more than the other, but can’t really see why?

You should always double check the credentials of your band and make sure you know if you’re booking a professional function band or a part-time / amateur band.

Be sure to ask if your band is full-time and how many weddings they play each year. Professional wedding bands are far more experienced within the wedding scene, they usually comprise of full time musicians with hundreds of weddings under their belt and will get on with the job with no fuss and provide a great performance.

Booking an amateur or part time band can be much cheaper, but it is important to remember that professionalism doesn’t come cheap! It would be awful if that special song you wanted the band to play was a poorly rehearsed disaster. And, as boring as this is, professional bands also more likely to have the relevant public liability insurance and portable appliance testing certificates too – and most venues will not allow the band to play without this.

The quality of sound and lighting equipment can vary drastically between part time musicians and the professionals.. Good quality sound and lighting systems are very expensive, particularly for a band only performing a few weddings each year, and a lack of a good setup can make or break a performance.

It can be hard to judge the quality of a band’s gear, but you can rest assured that a professional wedding band who can play upwards of 2-3 weddings each week will be equipped to make your night’s entertainment a roaring success.

We will be sure to update our blog next week, where we will be talking all about the dreaded wedding budget planning and hopefully answering the question of ‘how much should I be spending on my wedding entertainment?’

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