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DJ Package

If you're reading this, you already know how much more awesome a live band makes your event than just another DJ - but it's even better if you can be greedy and have both!
Our DJ Package has been put together using all the top quality gear that professional DJs use, but without the steep price tag that goes with it. Because all the band's audio and lighting equipment is already set up, we are able to provide the tunes for much less than an independent company.
Our DJ has hosted hundreds of events, and can co-ordinate things perfectly with the band's live sets. It keeps things stress free, and makes sure the music never stops flowing right from the outset. We can also make announcements and take requests.


  • Until Midnight
  • Until 1am

Why Book our DJ Package?

All your entertainment for the evening is sorted when you book our DJ Package alongside the band. That means there are no awkward silences all night, and because we mix one song into the next, there won’t be anyone sitting down during the gaps between songs!

Budget Friendly

A good independent DJ can dig you hundreds of pounds further into that precious budget. Our 12AM DJ Package is just £149 alongside the band, and for finishes up to 1AM it's just £249. Enough left in the kitty for a to get yourself a generous round of drinks on the night! Event planning win.


Just like with the band, you're welcome to make as many or as few track requests as you'd like to. It's your event after all! We'll get in touch around a month before the day to grab any requests you'd like to make, and we can take them from you and your guests on the night too.

A Real DJ?

Keep an eye out for other bands' DJ Packages, which can often consist of a just phone or a laptop auto-playing Spotify. We offer our 'iPod Service' free-of-charge, which is the same as this, but our DJ Package is exactly the same as hiring an independent DJ.

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