Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band

Wedding Band Friendly Venues!

Wedding Band Friendly Venues!

It’s time for the fourth instalment of our Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band. This week it’s all those little things at your venue that could affect the duration, sound, or quality of your band’s performances.

Do you have a “Band Friendly” Venue?

When planning a wedding, we know there you will be dealing with hundreds of suppliers, venues and guests that all need to be coordinated. This can mean that sometimes the little details can be overlooked, but if live music is particularly important to you on your big day then there are certainly some things to watch out for and to double check with your venue.

Some venues may have noise meters that the band will have to work around. Most of the time these restrictions are very reasonable and an experienced wedding band will be able to work within the limits whilst still delivering a high energy performance. Some venues can be a little stricter with their limits, so it’s definitely important to liaise with your venue and band if this is the case.

We haven’t yet had a gig that we were unable to play due to noise limits but it can change the style of performance, so if you have a guest list full of rockers who want a long, loud night of live entertainment but your venue has a tiny noise limit then it’s definitely worth doing some further research into the matter!

Your band will also have a typical arrival time (ours is 6pm) and may charge a fee for an earlier arrival, so access to the venue is worth a consideration. The amount of gear that may need to be carried, set up, and sound checked by the band can be huge. If everyone isn’t on the same page regarding set up times and access to your venue then it could cause some unwanted delays to your schedule.

To keep your mind at ease, we are always here to answer any queries or concerns you may have – and are more than happy to have a chat to your venue to keep things running as smoothly as possible.


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