Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band

Keeping the Party Going!

Keeping the Party Going!

The next of our Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band is how to keep that party going all night.

Keep The Party Going

If you’re after a high energy wedding reception then no doubt you and your guests won’t want to end the night when the clock strikes twelve. Double check when your venue will allow live music to be played, some venues are licensed only until midnight, whereas some can go on all the way until 1am or later.

If you raid their terms and conditions, you’ll find that most wedding bands will also have a specified time at which they must have finished performing. Warning Tones are very flexible with your wedding timetable and are always happy to plan the band’s set around your requirements.

You’d think a live band would be enough to keep the room bouncing all night, but what about those times when the band aren’t playing?

Most wedding bands or venues would usually be happy to play a list of your favourite songs from an iPod, but to really keep that atmosphere alive right through the duration of the evening then a DJ in addition to your band is definitely worth a strong consideration.

They can handle requests from your guests, make sure the right mix and genres of music are playing, and most importantly keep the dance floor packed with a party atmosphere that lasts all night long. We are pretty sure this is why over 75% of all the bookings we take now include our DJ Package!

So, in conclusion – keep those terms and conditions in mind when booking! Don’t get a nasty surprise when the sound goes off at 11:30pm!

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