Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band

Allocating The Budget

Allocating The Budget

We’re back again with number two of our Top 10 Considerations When Booking A Wedding Band.

This time it’s the all important factor of…

Budget Allocation.

One of the main considerations when booking any band for your wedding is always going to be the budget. And it’s very easy for your wedding entertainment to end up on the back burner whilst you are beginning to plan your guestlist, organise the venue, sort out the catering, book photographers and videographers.. But after spending thousands of pounds on photos and videos to remember that perfect day – wouldn’t it be a shame if the guests weren’t having the time of their life on the dancefloor in the evening?

We often get great comments from happy couples after performing at their reception, and we firmly believe that the entertainment you choose can make-or-break the atmosphere of your evening celebrations.

It is easy to underestimate the costs of your entertainment, but the rock and roll lifestyle is not as easy going as it may seem. When you delve a little deeper behind the scenes of a wedding band, the cost begins to seem very reasonable!

We have over £15,000 worth of gear for our wedding setup, professional musicians with years of experience, we often work 12-14 hour days when playing at weddings, and frequently gather to rehearse our set list or learn new songs.

It is important to gather quotes specific to your date and venue to get an idea of the budget required for your entertainment and to ensure both you and your guests have a day, and night, that they won’t forget.

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