A Backup of Some Awesome Musicians

Electric Idols Wedding Band

Electric Idols Wedding Band

We often get asked about what backups we’ve got in place in case one of our musicians gets ill or in case anything goes wrong on the day of an event – and rightly so! Any professional band should have backups in place for when things don’t go perfectly to plan.

We’ve never missed an event before and we’d like to keep that record standing, so we go to a fair bit of trouble to make sure nothing that can go wrong will go wrong.

Our sister band

We’re in the extremely lucky position of having a ‘sister band’, called Electric Idols, who were put together by the same management team as us. They’re a similar band with a similar set list, but obviously with totally different musicians and a bit of a different vibe!

Although you wouldn’t be able to tell by watching Electric Idols live, we purposely keep lots of things similar between both our bands behind-the-scenes. We use the same equipment, and both bands share at least 2 full hours of the same material. It’s great to have this as a backup because it means an Electric Idols member can step into our band and play all our songs perfectly. And they’ll look good doing it!

Electric Idols perform at all the same kinds of events as we do, and they’ve established a great reputation as one of the best bands around.

A long list of backup musicians

We also have a great backup network of musicians who perform with us as well. And the fact that Electric Idols play many of the same songs as us means that once somebody has been a stand in for one band, they can then play perfectly with the other one too! Which practically doubles our access to stand in musicians.

We really don’t consider illness a problem these days. None of our members have had to have a day off due to illness for years. There’s not much that can stop us from performing at an event; maybe a forest fire, flood or possibly a hurricane! …It would have to be a bloomin’ big hurricane though!

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