Need to hire an awesome live wedding band in Cheshire? Take a look around!

We’re a 4-piece wedding band and we’re here to make your event rock!

Looking for a wedding band in Cheshire? With possibly the lowest travel rates of any professional wedding band we can get to you at no extra cost.

We don’t think it’s fair to bundle on hundreds of pounds to our price like many wedding bands do nowadays – just because we have to cover a little distance on our way to gigs – so we don’t.

Cheshire is within our ‘travel free’ catchment area, which means that you can book us to play anywhere in Cheshire for our lowest rate. Prices even a wedding band from Cheshire would struggle to beat.

It’s areas like this that we stand out among our competition. Take a look at our Why Us page to see how we do it. Please visit our contact page if you would like to get in touch. You can also fill in a booking enquiry and have us contact you!

DJ Package Plus

Want to hire a DJ as well as a band? Why not bundle your entertainment together and take a look at our DJ Package Plus? We can play your favourite songs, take requests, make announcements, and we’re a lot cheaper than hiring a separate DJ! The perfect addition to your evening of entertainment.

Visit our DJ Package Plus page to find out more.

Acoustic Set

In addition to our performance as a wedding band, we’re able to offer an acoustic performance, suitable for earlier on in the day. Our Acoustic Set is 2 x 30 minute sets of specially readied acoustic songs, performed by two musicians using acoustic guitars, and is usually played at a background volume so guests can still chat and mingle.

Visit our Acoustic Set page for more information.