Run by the band to save you money!

We use a set of DJ decks alongside a laptop with a library of over 10,000 songs to keep the party going in-between and after our live performances.

Our DJ package is a great combination to have with the live band if you want a DJ but don’t want the hefty price tag that comes with it. Our aim is to provide a disco for the evening at a better price than a separate DJ can, and it’s for that reason that over 85% of our clients book our DJ package along with the band.

A lot of professional bands offer some kind of DJ service nowadays, but more often than not it’s just an Ipod plugged into a sound system. What we offer is a proper DJ package – a real DJ set by a real DJ.

Until 12am: £99

Until 1am: £149

Do you offer a normal ‘DJ service’ instead?

This is when we plug an Ipod (ours, or your own) into our system to keep the music playing… We offer this service for free at all of the events we perform at.

What are the main benefits of your DJ package plus?

• Keep the party going non-stop
• Make requests for your favourite songs
• Music that is tailored to your event specifically (not an Ipod on shuffle)
• Cheaper than hiring a separate DJ
• Band lights as well as additional disco lights provide great effects
• Enables us to make announcements during the evening