A wedding band, a party band, a function band, you can call us many things…

guitarist singing

We are a genuine live band just like you might see on the T.V. We use the same instruments, the same quality of gear, and the same level of musicianship. We take a wide berth around gimmicks such as costume changes and backing tracks – we believe that when you hire a band everything should be as authentic as possible!

We are constantly rehearsing, constantly performing, so that when we turn up to an event we know how to play to an audience and interact with the crowd to make sure everyone has a fantastic time. If we’re not worn out by the end then we haven’t done our jobs properly!

We work hard behind the scenes to make sure you get the best value for money possible when you hire us. When you book directly through our website we don’t have to charge to cover the costs of an agent, and we have possibly the lowest travel costs of any professional band for hire, and of course we travel anywhere in the UK! Browse our why us section to see what other benefits we can offer over other function bands.

Dave Moran

Lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Ben Naylor

Lead guitar and backing vocals

Dave Baxter

Bass guitar and backing vocals

Liam Marshall

Drums and percussion

photo of dan

The Management:

Dan Marshall

Dan manages the band and is the point of contact for all things Warning Tones. He has lots of experience when it comes to live music and he’s always happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Contact Dan directly via e-mail

What do you get when you hire Warning Tones?

  • Value for money – no middle-man to charge you extra.
  • Possibly the lowest travel costs of any professional band.
  • Over £15,000 worth of professional equipment used at every show.
  • A band that will travel anywhere in the UK.
  • A fully self-contained show – all we need is somewhere to plug in!

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