“…worth every penny. I was totally impressed…”
Nick Hodgeson (Kaiser Chiefs)

A fun-loving, high-energy wedding band from Yorkshire

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Sweet, energetic party entertainment

We're one of the UK's most energetic wedding bands. Yorkshire based, we travel across the UK providing live entertainment. Our brand of live music is authentic, cool, and just a little bit in your face. We’re the kind of band you hire if you want your dance-floor to rock and your guests to be throwing questionable moves until the early hours of the morning!

A repertoire with something for everyone

We play a bit of everything, from rock and indie to pop and R&B. That’s how we build fun set lists that rock people of all ages and walks of life. Take a look at our full set list.

No cheese policy

We’re an authentic live band – that’s what we’re all about. We play cool music by awesome bands and we promise to keep it that way. That’s our Yorkshire band’s guarantee, from us to you – no cheese!

Performing across the country from our base in Yorkshire

We’re a Yorkshire wedding band, but we perform all over the country. Travelling a couple of hours to an event is pretty usual stuff – just part and parcel of being in a gigging band! North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire have become hotspots for us lately; there are some awesome wedding venues in the area so we’re often travelling up that way - Leeds and Sheffield too – but when we get in the band van we could be going anywhere on any given weekend. No event is too far, basically!

wedding band performing on stage

Wedding Band

As a wedding band we get a bit more sophisticated. Don't worry, it's still a high-energy show, but let’s just say we posh ourselves up a bit!

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party band performing on stage

Party Band

The party band is what you need if you want people on the dance floor and arms in the air. We go all out to provide an intense, high-energy performance!

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